Process to sideline Bembas in MMD starts

Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) National Executive Committee (NEC) members have called for an extra ordinary convention to elect new party leadership.


Speaking during a media briefing at MMD secretariat today,
MMD Vice President for Administration Dr. Brian Chituwo said continuing with the same leadership would be doing a dis-service not only to members of the party across the country but the public at large who believe that MMD is the only alternative to the current leadership in government.

Dr. Chituwo said failure to admit that the MMD is dying a slow and painful death will be gross injustice to many Zambians who regard the MMD as the only political home to participate in the governance of the nation.

He said the party administration had no choice but to listen to the concerns of the members who are calling for new leadership starting with the president himself.

He explained that according to the constitution of the party ” if three provinces have petitioned to have an extra ordinary convention, upon receipt of three thirds of the provincial petition, the party should go for a convention within thirty days”.

He said the party is still waiting for petitions from provinces and upon receipt of the petitions, the party will have no choice but to go for an extra ordinary convention.

He noted that since the general elections of September 2011, the MMD has continued losing membership to other political parties and has reached a stage where it is irresponsible of any one of the party leadership to continue ignoring what is happening in the party.

He said several provincial executive committees are in the process of petitioning the chairman of the party with a view of re-invigorating the party leadership in order to retain party membership.

And speaking at the same briefing Dora Siliya, who is also a NEC Member said the party should not ignore the fact that it is dying and that the current party leadership has failed party members hence the need to go for an extra ordinary convention.

She said it would be irresponsible for her to keep quiet just because she is one of the people who voted for Dr Nevers Mumba and watch the party die.

“If we are going to ignore that the party is dying we might as well go home and forget about these politics because there will be no MMD if the current situation is not resolved”. Ms Siliya said.

And Lucky Mulusa, who is also a NEC Member, said there is no need to doubt that the party is currently facing a lot of challenges at leadership level which needs to be ironed out with boldness.

He said people should not be afraid to talk about the current leadership because keeping quiet will not help the party in any way.

Meanwhile party vice president political Michael Kaingu said there is nothing sinister about party members interacting with PF members.

He said the MMD hates what the PF is doing to the country but that does not mean that members of the two camps can not have innocent conversations with each other because of the different opinion between the two camps.

He also said that the issue of people trying to block the Bembas from standing for president is neither here nor there as the calls to have an over haul in leadership within the party is due to the failed leadership which is currently being provided.

He said people should not make the tribal issue big as it is not in the MMD.

He said among other issues that has lead the current leadership to fail is the lack of discipline in the party citing the continued existence of the MMD die hard youth wing which he said continues to operate without the blessings of some members in the party.

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