Produce evidence on RB and Chiluba, says FODEP

ftjThe Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has appealed to Zambians accusing president Rupiah Banda of influencing the verdict on former president Fredrick Chiluba to produce evidence.

FODEP president Stanly Mhango says that the right to hold an opinion should not be used to propagate falsehoods.

Mhango says that he is surprised that people are claiming that president Banda interfered in the ruling that cleared former president Chiluba of wrong doing but no one is explaining how it was done.

Mhango said he is surprised that minister of information Ronnie Shikapwasha has been condemned for issuing unsubstantiated statements on the role of the Catholic Church in promoting genocide, but that the same people condemning Shikapwasha are making unsubstantiated claims of president Banda.

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