Productivity at Barclays low as managers lose jobs

Productivity has hit an all-time low at Barclays Bank Head Office due to uncertainty as the process to dispose of more than 140 managers has gained momentum.
After interviews, management has started giving out letters to those who were successful and those who were not successful.
Insiders say that about 50 managers whose positions had been downgraded but opted to apply to stay with Barclays Bank have had their applications rejected and have been receiving letters from Monday 13 December.
Some of the affected managers told the Zambian Watchdog that most managers who had not yet been informed of their fate were just lazing around and are not making any meaningful contributions to the bank.
“We applied to stay on here at Barclays despite our jobs being brought down but these chaps have still decided to part company. We got our letters and others are still receiving letters of regret. I think the idea is to just get rid of us,” two affected former managers said.
But others complained that instead of firing them, they should also look at reducing the top-heavy management because some of the directors and managers being retained do not add any value to Barclays.

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