Professor Phiri condemns PF tribalism

Professor Phiri condemns PF tribalism

Stakeholders have continued to rebuke Patriotic Front National Chairperson for Mobilization Bizwell Mutale for his tribal remarks against Tongas while in Pemba southern province.

Historian Bizeck Phiri says tribal sentiments coming from ruling party officials are retrogressive and an insult to the founding fathers’ efforts of a united Zambia.
In an interview with Phoenix News, Professor Phiri says Zambians must not tolerate politicians that are bent on destroying the peace and unity the country has enjoyed over the years.

Meanwhile, Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba has challenged President Edgar Lungu to state his stance on the matter.

He says instead of playing tribal politics, the ruling party must concentrate on solving the economic problems the country is facing.

Mr Mutale while in Pemba recently said Zambia will never have a Tonga as republican president.

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    Nyambe the Hero 3 weeks ago

    Lungu actually thrives on sideshows be it homosexuality or tribalism because they deflect attention from his many failures.

    Meanwhile in the news Irish Ambassador to Zambia Séamus O’Grady says Irish Aid will not resume support to the social cash transfer until issues of accountability (plunder) are resolved.

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    James bond 007 3 weeks ago

    Bizwel Mutale first class conman.
    We know this guy very well.
    Time will catch up with him.