Project 777: the most sophisticated rigging plan by Lungu

Project 777: the most sophisticated rigging plan by Lungu


Project 777 is the most sophisticated elections rigging plan ever planned in Africa. President Lungu with 6 other associates has compromised state institutions that include ZAF, The Intelligence, The Military and the Zambia Procurement Authority (ZPA). It is very clear that President Lungu lost popularity and knows that he cannot win an election in a fair contest.

You can only be naïve not to believe that the reason Kaizer Zulu under instruction from Edgar Lungu has managed to arm-twist the ECZ and the ZPA to award a tender to print ballot boxes to a printing company in Dubai if for them to print duplicate ballots. The duplicate ballots will be marked by specially trained Ugandan Agents and will be swapped in transit on ZAF planes. Lt.Gen Chimese will assign complicit pilots to land at secret locations through out the country. To facilitate this activity , Lt.Gen Chimese has been promoted to be the Head of the combined Armed Forces a position that has been a preserve of the Army Commander since independence. Chimese has already started purging the ZAF by either sending senior officers he suspects of objectivity for training abroad or outrightly sacking them from the Air Force.

On the day of voting, the Intelligence under instructions from their boss, Mr.Nkhoma will very quickly identify Polling stations that will not be adequately monitored, them they will work with Returning Officers who are mostly PF cadres and manipulate the votes. In areas where foreigners have been registered, their particulars will be used to mark the ballot papers. The paper audit trail will not show any shortcomings.

In comes Lt.Gen Mihova. The Army has signed a dubious deal with STAG a South African construction company of questionable repute to transport “unknown” goods from Mozambique to Zambia. Remmy Chibuye is providing logistical support for this. The Directors of STAG are among others Adam Essa and Sean Kennedy . These gentlemen are frequent visitors to Zambia and State House in particular. Yu may wish to recall that Lusaka Lawyer , Lewis Musho recently negotiated a $50 million loan to ZESCO on behalf of STAG. This company has also been awarded a multi million dollar contract to construct student housing at UNZA. It is through STAG that the duplicate ballot papers from Dubai through Mozambique will enter Zambia and kept at safe houses. Again ZAF will play a critical role is distributing these ballot papers around the country.

Others implicated in this evil scheme include Xaviour Chungu Intelligence Boss, the former, Gen Muma the Deputy ZAF Commander, and Katele Kalumba. President Lungu and his team have devised a system in which they will go into this election with an inbuilt buffer of one million votes (1 000 000). The most unfortunate thing is that the public and opposition have directed their anger at the ECZ who are innocent. All machinations are done behind their back. We have no addressed the issue of tempering with the transmission of results through IT experts. That is a topic for another day. Suffice to mention here that TIMOR, an Israeli Company hired by PF will be key to this.
There are fundamental questions to be asked;
1. Where does a President like Lungu who has failed by any measure to govern the country draw such confidence to win the upcoming elections as he exhibits?
2. Are the people in government Agencies specifically ZAF, ACC, Zambia Army going to watch by and let Lungu and his friends steal the election?
3. Is the international community also going sit by and watch while democracy is being decimated with impunity?

These are important questions to ask. Edgar Lungu has failed to curtail PF cadre violence. In fact his regime perpetuates violence. The Police have been complicity. The Public Order Act has been used in all sought of manner to disadvantage the opposition. Public media has never been so biased and we are coming from a history of One Party rule with Dr.Kaunda. It is very important that the August 11 elections results will reflect the true will of the people. Whatever the result, it will be irresponsible for anyone to declare that the elections were held in a free and fair atmosphere because of the events outlined.

It will be important for the Church and eminent Zambians to come together and demand nothing less than an election that will not be manipulated in any form.

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