Project to delete Barotseland on

Project to delete Barotseland on


In what seems as a natural occurrence of events to many unsuspecting citizens, the Government of the Republic of Zambia through it’s secret operatives has been scheming chaos in Barotseland in order to undermine and shut off the on going stand off between the resolved people of Barotseland and GRZ.

Sources close to the GRZ evil scheme has revealed the complex systematic strategies in place to wipe out the Kingdom of Barotseland just like the Kingdom of Buganda vanished in the hands of dictator Yoweri Museveni, the mentor of Zambia’s dictator Edgar Lungu.

The strategies being employed include the abuse of courts through morally rotten judges, assassination of political opponents like Hon. Bruce Naluwa Mwene and Hon. Frank Kufwakwandi of Mangango and Sesheke Central constituencies respectively as well as arming a few disgruntled individuals and refugees in the area with a promise of full government protection and citizenship.

We will take you through these schemes step by step as some are being implemented while others are in the pipeline.

Is it a coincidence that UPND has lost two MPs from the same region of Barotseland?
Well the answer is no!

First, you have to understand Mangango constituency in Kaoma district and Sesheke districts.

Currently, there is confusion in Kaoma District after a Mr. Webster Mulubisha went out of his way to proclaim himself ‘Chief Mwene Mutondo’ and further declaring himself Senior Chief of Kaoma District against the rightly recognised Chief Amukena Isiteko. It must be emphasized here that in Barotseland unlike other parts of Zambia, the Litunga and his Royal Authority are the only ones that installs a chief. Further it’s worth stating that the installing power does not impose a chief but subjects present their preferred candidate for installation. However the same installing authority has the power to dethrone a chief. After all these have been completed, the final part is gazetting by GRZ.

One may wonder where this man Webster Mulubisha and his few disgruntled elements get this courage to fight the long standing system of governance. Well the answer is simple, it’s the Central government.
Behind the scenes, GRZ has been sponsoring this rebellion to destabilise and vanish the Kingdom of Barotseland. So Mangango constituency is the best choice for anarchy of divide and rule in Barotseland.

The late Mangango MP. Bruce Naluwa Mwene of UPND did not die in a natural tyre accident but a well orchestrated murder by strategically shooting on a side with more impact targeting him. So ironically he was sacrificed to settle scores on Barotseland. This means his death necessitated a by-election which the PF govt had well planned for.
During the campaign in this Constituency, the Zambia Watchdog had carried a story that PF was transporting machetes (pangas) to Mangango. This was true and not only pangas but the same government was and is arming some individuals secretly. These weapons were not meant for the opposition but to cause division among the people and who will go into something like a genocide thereby putting the liberation of Barotseland into jeorpady on the international scene.

If this is not clue enough, here is what Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu and his Vice Mrs. Wina did within a short space of one week to send a clear message of intent to their adversaries in Limulunga, Mungu. They paid a courtesy call on a chief (Webster Mulubisha) not recognised as per customary law tradition.
This is not the only insult the Zambian heads sent to the Litunga through their propaganda mouthpiece ZNBC but have also maintained salary of a dethroned chief Chiengele Josiah Nyumbu.

If you doubt how evil the PF leadership is, one should recall the recently exposed audio recording of Emmanuel Mwamba in South Africa when he hired thugs at well over R250,000 to attack and beat up those who where to protest against many injustices in Zambia.
PF govt is indeed congested with evil infested minds. Another incidence worth recalling is when Minister Ronald Chitotela threatened the life of Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa by saying “if you don’t know, there are people in this country who are trained, employed and paid to eliminate people,’ ‘so this line of debate you are taking mwaiche you are risking your life,”.
We thank Mr. Chitotela for his free expose that their paid assassins indeed killed the two innocent MPs Naluwa Mwene and Frank Kufwakwandi.
Our sources emphasized that people deserve to know the truth about all these dark evil operations taking place in Zambia.

Clearly from the foregoing, even a layman can see that the UPND Mangango MP was a sacrificial lamb just like how the Webster Mulubisha team eliminated the officially installed Chief Mwene Mutondo Edward Kahare in the same operations to achieve one goal with the government of Lungu, that is undermining Litunga and dividing through sponsoring anarchy in the Kingdom of Barotseland.
The sources also revealed that the UPND shock loss in Mangango was well planned in advance by illegally allowing 3000 Angolans and Rwandans refugees to vote as it was revealed by Zambian Watchdog 3 days ago of which Home Affairs minister Kampyongo spearheaded this operation with refugees officials at their camps.

This is a timely warning to the people of Zambia and Barotse Royal Authority who cherish peace and harmony that the master architect of divide and rule president Edgar Lungu is up to no good. We also appeal to those elements being used by the dethroned chief Chiengele Josiah Nyumbu and his fellow rebel Webster Mulubisha to take an introspection in what has been happening around them is not only mere wrangles but well sponsored moves to turn away from their brothers and sisters in order to sustain power of criminals at state house in Lusaka.

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