‘Prophet’ Chanda Chimba III and others also face arrest

‘Prophet’ Chanda Chimba III and others also face arrest

Zambian dictator Michael Sata’s government has now ordered the police to lock up freelance journalist Chanda Chimba III and former Information and Broadcasting Permanent (PS) Secretary Sam Phiri when they appear for questioning tomorrow at Patriotic Front controlled Government Joint Investigating Team.

Dictator Sata is particularly incensed that Chanda Chimba’s prophetic chronicling events of the then opposition leader’s political career videos ‘Stand Up for Zambia’ are now a big hit on the internet and can be viewed worldwide, such as this one here  and here

Former Information PS, Sam Phiri is being accused of having allowed the airing of the prophetic documentaries on ZNBC TV.

Highly placed sources within theTaskforce have disclosed that Chimba has been summoned to report at their offices tomorrow and will be locked up after interrogation.

Others expected to appear before Sata’s oppressive Task Force are Ngande Mwanajiti who was the producer of the Zambian Analysis newspaper which was also critical of them Sata and his PF party in the run-up to elections.

“They are actually upset that we have not been doing anything when they summoned. To be honest, there is nothing criminal in what we are summoning for but we have to work under instruction,” the source said. “May be if the videos were not on youtube, it could be a different story.”

Chimba, producer of Stand Up for Zambia television documentary, is expected to appear for questioning on Wednesday January 9, 2013 at 10:00 hours. The sources have further revealed that Chimba will actually be formally charged and arrested on charges yet to be leveled against him.

Chimba’s documentaries among other things highlighted the Zambian Airways saga, the PF aligned Post Newspaper debt to the Zambia Revenue Authority. The documentaries also gave insight on how the PF teamed up with the Catholic church and some non-governmental organisations against the administration of Rupiah Banda.

The documentaries also show President Sata’s stinging attacks on the late President Levy Mwanawasa and his health.

According to the sources, it is clear that President Sata is determined to finish Chimba for his documentaries.

“If Chimba is taken to court, how will the proceedings unfold especially that Mutembo Nchito, the Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, sued Chimba in a civil matter over the same documentaries regarding Zambian Airways?

“Will he get a fair trial under the circumstances for whatever it is he will be charged with and arrested for?” sources wondered.

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