Prophet demands his charms from PF ministers


Some Patriotic Front ministers and other leaders in Government who got ‘power’ from Prophet Andrew Seer1 to win elections before his deportation in 2017 have been given less than 20 days to return the gifts or suffer the embarrassment of being publicly named.

Seer1 has explained that he has come out in the open about the gifts because the Patriotic Front government officials are allegedly oppressing Zambians.

He has cited the arrest of Bishop Kazhila of Life Gospel in Chingola.

Police have arrested Bishop Kazhila for speaking out on the ongoing serial killings and subsequent riots in Chingola.

Seer1 says it is wrong for the Zambian Government to arrest a man of God calling for prayer.

He says Members of Parliament, Ministers and mayors should not inbox him to apologise but return the lucky gifts in person.

Seer1 of Christ Freedom Ministries now lives in South Africa.

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