Prosecutors, lawyers conniving to abort criminals cases


A deadly scandal threatening the security and integrity of the judiciary and justice system in Zambia has been unearthed where senior officials from the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) are getting bribes from suspects to drop criminal chargeseven when they have overwhelming evidence to present to court.

Some cases have been withdrawn from court by the NPA at critical stages even when there was clear evidence to warrant a conviction.

Defense lawyers and prosecutors are now conniving and getting money from the suspects so that cases could be dropped.

Most of the cases dropped or suddenly amended involve Chinese suspects especially those involved in bank ATM fraud or internet hacking.

One of such cases involve a Chinese, Liu Youngxian Uganda Cliff Bongoza who were arrested in 2019 for ATM theft involving over K250,000 but the case might die a natural death as defense lawyers have offered NPA official huge sums of money to drop amend the charges to those that can only attract fines if convicted.

A charge of ATM fraud attracts a penalty of minimum 15 years once convicted.

Information has been gathered that the defence lawyer has already approached senior NPA official and the suspects were willing to ‘buy’ their freedom to avoid jail.

Several cases have ended up in the same manner resulting in the state not having registered any conviction for the past four years.In some instances Chinese suspect have escaped Zambia after being granted police bond or bail despite objections from the arresting officers.

One of the court interpreters has urged relevant authorities to restructure the NPA as the justice delivery system in Zambia was under threat due to rampant corruption.

“We have been seeing these things and sometimes they use us as interpreters privately. Money is exchanging hands and cases are being withdrawn. It’s too much,” t

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