Protea hotel assumes their British guest just died of poor health

Dear Editor

We would like to address the false statemet above by responding as follows.

We the Management TEAM at Protea Hotels Zambia kindly invite Zambian Watchdog to contact us for comments relating to the unfortunate death of a British Citizen today at Protea Hotel Cairo Road.

Protea Hotels Zambia is by no means trying to block anything from the media as stated in the article above, there is nothing sinister to report apart from the fact that one of our GUESTS passed due to poor health. (Assumed as I am not qualified to determine the exact cause of death)

The facts are that the GUEST returned to his room last (Thursday) night at around 21: 30 and that he was supposed to check out this morning at 10 hours for a flight to Johannesburg and then a connecting flight to London. He did not leave his room at any time nor did he receive any visitors after ritiring to his room.

A Zambian Collegue came to the Hotel at around 10h00 to collect the GUEST but was informed that the GUEST had a “Do Not Disturb” notice on his door and that the Hotel was obbliged to respect this wish.

Management however got concerned at around 12h30 and a desicion was made to open the door whereupon the GUEST was found in a very dignified manner in his bed.

Zambian Police Services were summond to the hotel and taken to the room and it was established that the GUEST had passed in his sleep and the assumption was made that it was due to a heart attack.

The Zambian Police Services released the room back to Hotel Management shortly after the GUEST was removed from the room and moved as stated to UTH.

We would like to therefore refute the fact that it has anything to do with the above statements and a thought should go to the family for their loss.

I have since spoken to the family who are now feeling the loss of a loved one in a foreign land. I therefore appeal that this issue is not a criminal act but a serious act of misfortune.

I again invite anyone with concerns or futher comments to contact me directly but to also respect the feelings of a grieving family for the unfortunate loss of their loved one due to poor health.

To close we would like to state that this was not a criminal or sinister act but an act of unfortunate circumstance.

Yours sincerely
Stephan Kwint
Group Operations Manager
Protea Hotels Zambia

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