Protect HH from PF thugs in police uniform

UPND leaders and supporters did a wonderful and fantastic job of protecting their leader from PF thugs wearing police uniforms on Thursday.

They should not allow those barbarians to touch Hichilema and should not leave him alone with them for a split second; they will poison him.

But before we come to that, we wish to make a few observations on the conduct of Zambian journalists.

We are talking Zambian journalists in the Independent media like Radio Phoenix and Muvi TV – forget about civil servant journalists in installations like Daily Mail and ZNBC or PF microphones like QFM.

Zambian journalists need to realise that their profession is inherently dangerous.

We were amused, entertained and embarrassed at the same time on Thursday when we heard a Radio phoenix journalist crying loudly on radio for her being teargased by police.

We could not believe that a journalist caught up in a riot would cry like a child being attacked by a vicious dog.

We asked ourselves: doesn’t anyone teach these young reporters anything, anymore about covering riots and other volatile situations?

A journalist crying like that in front of cameras for being teargased is something we find strange and unacceptable.

Yes, even the toughest and most seasoned journalist can shed tears but in a more dignified manner or in a journalistic way than what we heard from the Radio Phoenix staffer.

It really exposed intolerable levels of incapacity and weakness on the part of Zambian journalists.

We are sure the reporter did not even file the report of the riot.

Don’t these young reporters watch how other journalists in the world die while covering such events?

There is also this reckless or casual behaviour by Zambian journalists when covering the police or volatile situations.

For some unknown reasons, Zambian reporters think that they are VIPs and the police will naturally protect them in riotous situations.

We have seen it several times where Zambian women journalists  turn up to cover an event at the police station wearing mini-skirts or high-heeled shoes; yet they know that a situation whereby they may be required to run for their lives will arise.

But then that is another issue.

The UPND and MMD should band together and support their leaders. The country is now run by criminals who would do anything to supress freedom of expression and assembly.

The opposition supporters should do what they did on Thursday and never allow their leaders to be in the hands of the PF police. If one leader commits an offence, let them be taken to court and answer charges but should never be left alone with PF thugs.

Chances of being killed by poison at this point are very high.

If ever an opposition leader should go to the police station, they must be accompanied by a lot of other people and be questioned in the presence of others.

The moment you are going to leave Hichilema or Nevers Mumba alone with those barbarians, that is the minute you would have killed them.

There is too much hatred and bitterness on the part of the PF. They are taking their failure to deliver any campaign promise on the opposition. They think they can now maintain power by force.

Harder times are coming ahead and the opposition should be prepared.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe does not frequent Zambia for nothing. He is a bad influence on our already dictatorial president Michael Sata.

But Sata and his minions should not be allowed to turn Zambia into a soft Zimbabwe. We have to fight this evil that is settling in our country. Zambia is considered a beacon of democracy in Africa and we cannot allow Sata and his cohorts to spoil that name for us.

Fredrick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda did this country proud. We need to fight to retain what these three gentlemen left for us.

Our advice to UPND and MMD supporters is that whenever your leaders are summoned by the PF police, go with them unless you want them dead.

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