Protect Hichilema

Protect Hichilema

Morning country men and women. Time has come to defend this country from these criminals. Its high time we took on PF and its Police. You have done as you please for far too long. Is offloading shares not selling?

Our questions!!! How can President HH incite riots that started on Friday the 2nd in Kalulushi? President HH was on radio on Monday the 5th at 10 hours while the riots in Kitwe broke up as early as 07:00 hrs same day. How did HH incite them at 10am after riots had broken earlier?
This is nonsense. PF and police think we don’t think. Primarily we know you want to kill HH. The dialogue was meant to deduce the tension in the country but PF has avoided dialogue by all means.

Youths will not stand and watch PF anymore. Every citizen is looking up to HH. If there will not be no country for HH to govern so be it. Enough is enough.
Know where PF Ministers and leaders stay. Know their Children and their schools, Wives/ATM and relatives. Know everything about Sunday Chanda, Amos Chanda, Nathan Chanda, Chilufya Tayali, Antonio Mwanza, Hope Chishala, Chanoda Ngwira etc.
Locate/know everything about these PF police making stupid decisions. PF has taken piece for granted. Tulefilila munsenga.

Lets all move to Ndola. Get any weapon you can lay your hands on. Carry enough Petrol Bombs etc. NO business in Ndola on the 14th. Don’t wear regalia.

Let those that will survive take care of our families. Its now or never.

“Youths Protect HH”

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