Protect Lusaka vote


The UPND is advised to heed and do so urgently Maureen Mwanawasa’s advice on the current rigging going on in Lusaka. Instead of issuing defeatists statements, the UPND should stand up and protect the votes from Lusaka. Do not sleep and do not doze.

The truth is as Mwanawasa and Portipher Tembo say, what is happening in Lusaka is fraud. Ask yourselves why the ECZ is not announcing results for Lusaka but are declaring results for Dudumwezi near Zimbabwe? It is very simple, they are waiting for Emmanuel Mwamba and his fellow criminals from outside the country to finish cooking up figures. The UPND agents in Lusaka are being targeted, bribed, intimidated and they are tired by now. The UPND needs to beef up their agents right now.


The results for Lusaka were known 4 hours after voting and should have been the first ones to be announced but clearly the ECZ is deliberately concealing these results to give the PF time to tamper with them.

UPND running mate Geoffrey Mwamba is particularly called upon to lead this project to protect the vote.

Kelvin Bwalya, Emmanuel Mwamba and Priscila Isaacs are very bad people and can bring confusion to this peaceful country.

The UPND must demand that results for Lusaka be released immediately. But at the same time they must make sure that the results that will be released are the correct ones.

Copperbelt has shocked the PF as their ‘project scare’ did not discourage the people of the Copperbelt from voting for the opposition. The PF is now trying to inflate their votes in Lusaka to make up for the loss on the Copperbelt. UPND should not allow this. The UPND should not fear the soldiers or police that have been deployed.

We already told you that 90 per cent of soldiers and more than 70 per cent of police officers voted for UPND.

Thus if Lungu wants to use soldiers, he might just find that the situation turns against him. We have seen this kind of thing in other countries.

We doubt the Zambian soldiers can protect Lungu when and if he decides to fight the will of the people.

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