Anti-riot police seal British High Commission

Carter and Wife

Carter and Wife

Anti-riot police have sealed off the British High Commission in Lusaka ahead of a planned protest by political parties.

By 06: 00 hours Monday morning, a heavy presence of police in riot gear was witnessed at the commission which is opposite the USA embassy and Cabinet office.

A forum of political parties is scheduled to protest against British High Commissioner Thomas Carter for utterances he made agaisnt the Zambian judiciary and acquittal of Fredrick Chiluba.

The Watchdog has been informed that the MMD will render a hand to make sure the protest succeeds.

The protesters will gather at the British High Commission about 10 hours and later hand over a petition to the High Commission.

It’s not yet clear who will receive the petition on behalf of Carter.

A Forum of political parties announced on Friday that it intends to hold a peaceful demonstration at the British High Commission in Lusaka on Monday.

The demonstration is aimed at protesting against alleged interference by high commissioner, Tom Carter, in Zambia’s internal affairs.

The parties that form the forum are National Democratic Party, Zambia Direct Democracy, PUDD and ZADECO.

Forum Chairperson, Edwin Sakala, says the parties have already written to the police, seeking a permit to hold the demonstration

Sakala said that parties are not happy with Carter’s remarks over the acquittal of former President, Frederick Chiluba.

He said the diplomatic community in Zambia must respect the country’s judiciary.

Carter and his wife swap the role of British High Commissioner in Zambia every four months. Currently the husband is the one in officewhile the wife is busy with school pursuing a MBA.

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