Protesting journalists change route

Journalists planning a protest match against violence by MMD thugs have changed their route and destination.

According to a joint statement by media bodies, the protesting journalists will not go to State House but Mulungushi International conference centre.

Certain Journalists and MMD cadres don't like each other

Certain Journalists and MMD cadres don't like each other

The statement said the change is due to new developments but could not specify what the new developments are.

Earlier in the morning the media body representatives had a meeting with vice-president George Kunda who advised them against matching citing security reasons.

Said the statement: “Journalists, civil society, church are expected to assemble for the march past at 13 hours at Misa-Zambia offices on Martin Mwamba road next to Manda Hill before proceeding to Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

“The petition will be presented to the Acting President, Mr George Kunda at 14 hours.

“All media organisations, individuals and civil society organisations are advised to come in black attire to give solidarity to denounce violence against journalists and present a petition to President Rupiah Bwezani Banda, which will be received by the Acting President George Kunda.

“We wish to inform the public that the gathering is not a political event but is meant for journalists and those who genuinely support the cause of democracy and non-violence.”

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