Provincial executive committee denies recommending the expulsion of Chisanga

By Ernest Mwape-The Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) Provincial Executive Committee in Northern Province has not discussed and recommended the expulsion of Provincial youth Chairman Danny Chisanga from the party, it has been revealed today.

According to high placed sources within the party leadership in the province, PEC members have never held any meeting to suspend and expel Chisanga from MMD.

“Members of the executive committee at the province have never dealt with any disciplinary case involving our youth Chairman Chisanga,” narrated the sources.

The sources also denied ever making any recommendations to MMD National Executive Committee to eject Chisanga from the ruling party claiming that it was the work of a few individual members.

The sources said it was regrettable that the Provincial Chairman Griever Sikasote and some few PEC members had assumed the responsibility of the full executive committee to suspend and propose to NEC to expel Chisanga from the party when it had no blessing from the majority,” the disappointed sources added.

The sources noted that since Chisanga was elected by the entire province, it won’t be all that easy for Sikasote as Chairman and few individuals to simply remove him out.

The sources described the whole episode as personal vendetta and called on the NEC to investigate the matter.

The sources refuted claims that the entire MMD leadership in the province had backed the youth Chairman’s suspension and his impending removal from the party.

And reacting to his purported expulsion letter authored by Northern Province vice provincial Secretary Jairos Simunyola, Chisanga maintained that he was still MMD and Provincial youth Chairman for the Province. He said did not expect Simunyola to write him an expulsion letter because it was a well known fact that he had hosted PF campaign team in Kasama.  He added that anticipated the provincial leadership to have recommended him for expulsion but had been spared because of tribalism.

He said he did not recognize the suspension and a letter of expulsion that he received last Friday because right procedure was not followed.

Chisanga challenged Sikasote and MMD Provincial Secretary Sepio Mukuka to produce minutes of the meeting and attendance list of PEC members who had endorsed his suspension and expulsion.  He said he was aware that there were some MMD officials who were trying to frustrate him by fabricating stories that he was PF because of his relationship with Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata.

“I am very much aware that some party officials are trying to discourage me by bringing falsehoods against me that I am PF because of my relationship with PF leader Mr. Sata,” he noted. Chisanga explained that PF leader Sata was his uncle and that he did not regret that he was his relative because he never applied to him.

Chisanga who said family issues should not be mixed with politics advised MMD members to leave his family affairs alone and never to connect him negatively to relatives who have been so supportive to him and his family. He said what his colleagues should know was that Mpika district has variety of political parties and that it was not inappropriate to state that anyone coming from the area was PF. He argued that he could not understand why his colleagues in the party should continue alleging that he was PF sympathizer, when there were other members in the party like Sikasote who is an in – law to Enock Kavindele who in the recent past has been critical of President Rupiah Banda.

How could other members perceive him, if he stated that since Kavindele was critical of President Banda, then Sikasote was also the same, he said.  He appealed to MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba to intervene and resolve differences that were threatening the ruling party in the Province.

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