Prudential Insurance accused of more scams

Prudential Insurance accused of more scams

Please help me expose Prudential Life.
I have a policy with the insurance company.
Since November last year, premiums were not collected via DDACC. I raised a concern with the institution and I was assured that it would be resolved. I since then paid Cash for the months the premiums were not been collected
My premiums haven’t been collected since then.
In March 2021
The institution sent 4 DDACCs to my account between the 3rd & 9th March which is not the agreed date on the policy.
All these DDACCs bounced and I was charged 510*4 by the bank
I have since been making follow ups with the institution to refund me these bank fees but to no avail.
I have visited there offices severely and I have found a number of people complaining about these issues but no solution has been provided
Which body do insurance companies report to?
Or rather who is the MD of this company or COO?
These issues need to be resolved
Customer Satisfactory is not there priority
A saving with them feels like you are paying back an obligation
I warn several other members of the public not to invest in this institution
The service they give us when advertising there policies is different from the service we get after they on board you.
There call center is pathetic;either they don’t pick or they assure to call you back which they never do.
There mouths are full of apologies with solutions.
Somebody advise me what next step to take

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    Kennethy Kafunga Shachiinda 1 week ago

    Unfortunate encounter. Regulator for insurance business is The National Insurance Authority (NPA)

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    It’s normal for ddacc transactions nothing to worry,next time don’t take money by cash wait a bank deduction. Those elapses are everywhere for bank deductions.

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    Disappointed customer 1 week ago

    I wouldn’t use this insurance company ever again. If this is your insurance company, good luck to you if you ever need a to make a claim. I was also hoodwinked believing they are an international outfit and would  provide better service but found out even con artists are more upfront than Prudential Zambia. 

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    Richard N INAMBAO ACII 1 week ago

    The complainant can get in touch with me I have been an MD of a big Insurance company outside zambia but now m back can call me on 0955630079