‘Prudential insurance scammed me’

‘Prudential insurance scammed me’

Hello ZW,

help me expose what is going on with Prudential Zambia insurance company.i registered with them through one agent called verodiana with a policy called child education policy that can run till 2023.

We agreed for an amount of k388 per month. I was told they will send me the letter which will contain everything agreed upon including the policy number which even my family can use in case anything happens to me, the my husband can claim the benefits.

surprisingly,they effected the deductions through my Stanbic account without those documents being delivered to me and as if that wasn’t enough to call thieving,they doubled my deductions by 3 times. I tried to contact them through an email I came across but no response for about a month.at this stage a friend of mine gave me an email address that went straight to South Africa office Prudential whom I explained everything and they gave me a landline phone number and an email address.when I contacted them and explained everything to them,they told me they will come back to me.it is now 5 months,these people have kept on deducting my money even after I sent the letter to terminate this shit agreement.is there anything that I need to do to stop these thieves to stop getting my money which I know am waisting because there is no proper agreement with them?
Concerned Lusaka resident.

Zwd comment: you can recover this money from Stanbic unless you gave express permission (signed) for the bank to authorize the deductions. Meantime, just go to Stanbic and them to stop the deductions.

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