PS accuses CB teachers of defaming Lungu’s administration

General Education Permanent Secretary Henry Tukombe has accused teachers on the Copperbelt of ‘defaming’ Edgar Lungu’s administration.
He made the claims today when he addressed teachers at the Mufulira College of Education adding that he was aware of a number of teachers who are active in ‘partisan’ politics and defaming the government.
Tukombe warned that ‘erring’ teachers will not be spared as civil servants must ‘support’ the government.
Edgar Lungu had at one time also accused teachers of belong to opposition parties during one of his visits to the Copperbelt.
The PF has however been abusing the civil service by appointing their cadres to key positions as Permanent Secretaries and District Commissioners
The irrelevant office of District Commissioner


is almost exclusively for PF cadres and is being used to exert some influence especially in areas where the PF has no representation at local and parliamentary level.


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    tasman 5 months

    No mwine nao Lungu kuti atukwa, ubupupu mu government yakwe bwachila

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    Benny 6 months

    What about president himself doesn’t he appoint cadress?

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    As much as anyone has a right of choice on which party to be affiliated, the policy is straight forward. As a civil servant you should support the government of the day. Coming to the PS, don’t expose yourself by showing which party you belong to for your integrity purpose today and tomorrow.

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      Katuba old boys 5 months

      Yes this ps is coming out like he is pf he should learn to speak like a professional.And indeed forv his future it’s dangerous because he will be labelled. Politics in Africa one has to be careful what they do now to safeguard the future. Mr.Tukombe work as a ps .The problem you have is you are not an educationalist but an HR person