PS Chomba accused of sexual abuse

PS Chomba accused of sexual abuse

PS Bishop ’wora’ Chomba in sex for favours scam

By Joel Ngo

Local Government and Housing Permament Secretary Bishop Eddy Chomba’s arrival at his new posting has been rocked by allegations of sexual harassment by two women spoken to by the Watchdog.

The Watchdog has heard from two women who describe a culture of abuse and sexual advances in exchange for favours by the Man of God.

The two women who elected to be anonymous say Bishop Chomba repeatedly harasses them for sex in exchange for gifts, money and trips abroad on Ministerial duties.

“One day whilst in his office, he directly asked me for a sexual favour. I told him I’m qualified and experienced and I do not need to open my legs for him to seek any form of gratification. I then stood up to leave his office and left him stunned. He grabbed my hand and wanted to kiss me but I pushed him away,” said one victim speaking on condition of anonymity.

“For me Im fed up of his unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that has explicitly affect my employment. The PS’s conduct has unreasonably interfered with my work performance and has created a hostile and offensive environment,” added another.
The two said they have decided to expose him in the hope that he would stop pestering them for sexual favours and tapping their backsides.
The two victims allege that Bishop Chomba’s sexual harassment at times takes a more subtle form. Instead of being propositioned for sex, the two victims have been receiving suggestive late-night texts or sexually-charged comments.
“We know of a woman in another Dept where his invitations to meetings have somehow turned into dates. This man hides behind the Bible to take advantage of us. The former PS Amos Malupenga never this promiscuous because he respected his females under his charge. This man is too randy for our proximity,” another independent source in the Ministry of Local Government said.

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