PS Malupenga tells police to arrest journalist

PS Malupenga tells police to arrest journalist

Insecure about his job, former Post Newspaper reporter, now Tourism Permanent Secretary has reported radio phoenix reporter Logic Lugwanda to the police over a story that was run on radio phoenix over the stolen Lechwe. 

Amos  Malupenga who is believed to be at the centre of the corruption scandal is reportedly incensed about the report on Radio phoenix over the missing wildlife. 

“Malupenga  always brags in the Ministry that President Lungu owes him to he Presidency and he can’t be fired. So after the story exposing how the Ministry mismanaged the animal story he personally called radio phoenix,” revealed a source. 

On instructions from untouchable Malupenga, the police have since issued a call out for a reporter at Radio phoenix

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