PS Shamulenge replaced while on leave

President Michael Sata has replaced Agriculture and livestock permanent secretary David Shamulenge while he is on leave.

But the firing of Shamulenge has upset agriculture minister Emmanuel Chenda who is telling close friends that Sata is ungrateful.

Shamulenge, a veterinary doctor, is one of the businessmen who financed PF in North-western and accommodated Sata when he toured the province during election time.

Shamulenge was first appointed Permanent Secretary for North-western province when Sata just won the presidency but was moved to agriculture ministry in one of the countless reshuffles.

Shamulenge went on leave a few weeks ago and went to visit his wife’s family in Europe. On return, he discovered that someone else in the name of  Shezongo Siakalenge was sworn in as PS.

But when Shamulenge went to ask Sata what happened, Sata in his typical behaviour blamed Chenda and accused Chenda of taking ‘fellow UPND members to PF’.

Chenda is one of the five PF ministers suspected of being UPND sympathisers.


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