PS stealing from teachers

Dear Editor,

Please hide my identity because I work for the government but investigate this story further.

Last week, the Permanent secretary of the Ministry of General Education, a Mr. Henry Tukombe undertook his usual outings, this time to Western Province. I want to mention here that the man has now taken over the job of Standars Officers as he leaves Lusaka for wherever every Thursday. He leaves with a reasonable group of favourite officers from the click he has since managed to establish for himself at the Headquarters.

What was strange to us here in Western, however were the preperations the Provincial Education Officer undertook prio to the visit. The lady, a Ms. Loveness Mubisi who is well known for her incompetence and bully behaviour decided to levy schools for the upkeep of the Permanent Secretary who has already been paid by his office.

It might be interesting for the PEO to make public to the donor schools how much was collected and what the money was used on. May we also know why schools are slowly being turned into fund raising institutions for the Minisrty. Is this not corruption?

Worried Head Teacher. – western.

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