Public address to Fred M’membe

By Sidique Geloo 

Long live Zambian watchdog

May I strongly suggest that Zambia gets over its inclination towards self abuse. I see no reason why a great country like this should “feel” Wynter Kabimba would make a suitable successor to the current President. Zambia, we should not be doing this to ourselves. We are worth much more than this.

1) Mr M’membe ,let me be one of the first to inform you that ever since THE POST became a wing for PF, your influence faded. You were too naive to notice it . You sit in the realms of ‘supposed’ power only because a few outdated,  yet temporary reigning,  politicians think you still  have that magic to convince a multitude for a common purpose. These politicians are getting a little infamous and it wont be long before it hits you that you sit in a seat of hot air. The POST  has lost its reputation as a paper that provides courageously fair and untainted information, but has been reduced to a “fred m’membe’s former glory wonder.” The day you, Mr M’membe, decided to put your over excited hands in PF’s cookie jar, was the day you sold your credibility and authenticity to the political vanity side of the spectrum.

2)  Mr M’membe, thanks to the rise of social media, I wish to inform you that you are nolonger a factor, neither are you a major voice to public consensus. You are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Your suspicions that Zambian online publications such as watchdog, Zambian eye, tumfweko and even Zambian political facebook groups (90 days countdown, Zambian forum and the PF inspired Zambian people’s pact) have transcended far beyond your (Post) publication are actually true.

Your pursuit to anoint Wynter Kabimba as the next President of Zambia, is a pursuit that will inflict sleepless nights for you for many reasons. A few of being:

a)  Kabimba is an instigator more than he is a leader. Everyone knows about his cartel that has the intention to crystalise its power over PF and hence the country. That wont happen.

b) Kabimba does not possess the ingredients that makes a good President. It does not have to take a rocket scientist to notice very visibly how individuals like Kabimba have caloused and destroyed PF’s image. We all know that the reason you support Kabimba is because you want to continue maintaining your slipping grip. We will not allow you any more. Your glory days are about to appear in your rearview mirror.

3) Mr M’membe, we say NO to you, No to your cronies and NO to your insatiable appetite for control. You have every right to support Wynter Kabimba, but not the right to push him down our throats.  I support GBM’s courageous act of containment. Containing you, containing Wynter Kabimba, containing the Cartel. Congratulations GBM. This time around,We, as a people, will not contain you and your co-horts , we will ERASE your hold and your influence once and for all.

One Zambia One Nation

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