Public pressure forces PF govt to react on gay rights

Chief Government Spokesperson Fackson Shamenda has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that the laws of the land are very clear that homosexuality is not allowed in Zambia.

Mr. Shamenda’s reaction comes barely a few days after after UN chief Ban Kim Moon called for recognition of gays rights in Zambia during his visit to Zambia.

Several members of the general public and organisations had requested government to immediately state it’s position on the issue.

This is especially that during the run-up to last year’s elections President Michael Sata was qouted saying the laws recognising gays rights in Zambia are there and what was needed was implemenation.

The UN and some Western Countries such as Britain and United States have also tied their developmental assistance to the recognition of gay rights.

Mr Shamenda says Zambia will therefore not entertain the amendment of the law to allow for the recognition of gay rights. Mr. Shamenda wonders why the issue of homosexuality has become an issue when the UN Chief raised a number of important issues during his visit other than the issue of gay rights.

Responding to questions by journalists Mr. Shamenda said government will not waste time on an issue that is not of importance. He says there are a number of important developmental issue government can concentrate on instead of debating an issue that is guided by the law.

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