Public protector says can’t investigate MPs

Public protector says can’t investigate MPs

The office of Public Protector says it cant investigate the judiciary, parliament, MPs or private citizens.

****Then what does it really exist for?

Look at this trash: ati we can’t investigate public officers in the legislature Patrick Matibini and Tutwa Ngulube. Then, ati we cant investigate Andrew Mwanza Chibwende Ntewewe because he is not a public officer???????? Who then can they investigate if they can’t investigate public officers or private citizens??? Is there another category of citizens known only to the public protector? These people are mad.

*Press Statement*

The Office of the Public Protector has responded to a letter of complaint presented before it by RPP President James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku.

RPP President wrote the Public Protector to help with investigations to ascertain the nationality status of;-
Tutwa Ngulube MP Patrick Matibini Speaker of the National Assembly, and Andrew Mwanza Chibwende Ntewewe.
The RPP President had provided information to the Public Protector pertaining to the suspicious nationality of the three mentioned colleagues, who are at the fore front of calling for the amendment of the Constitution by the way of Bill 10.

The response from the Public Protector is extremely sarcastic and a show of unbearable embarrassment as far as the functions of the office of the Public Protector is concerned.

The Public Protector is saying that he has no jurisdiction to investigate either the judiciary or the legislature in the case of Matibini and Tutwa. But the question is when did Tutwa and Matibini become the judiciary or legislature in their individual capacity?

This is an absolute miscarriage of justice.
The public protector is saying they can’t investigate Andrew Ntewewe because he is not a state officer. Again this is a way of shielding a suspect brought before the public protector for investigation.
The Office of the Public Protector replaced the Office of the Investigator general after President Lungu signed the 2016 Republican Constitution on the 5th of January, with his eyes and ears closed. The office of the investigator general was preceded by the office of the Ombudsman, an appointed official whose duty is to investigate complaints, generally on behalf of individuals such as consumers or taxpayers, against institutions such as companies and government departments.
The ombudsman is a designated internal mediator in an organization or country, whose duty is to assist members with conflict resolution and other problems and to serve as an independent consultant to recommend changes to policies or procedures to improve organization effectiveness, efficiency, and humaneness.
The Office of the Ombudsman in Zambia has undergone a number of changes, which will be beneficial to the public in terms of more efficient and effective service delivery. On 5 January 2016, Mr Edgar C. Lungu, the President of the Republic of Zambia signed the Constitution Bill Number 17 of 2015 which amongst other clauses changed the Office of the Investigator General to the Office of the Public Protector.
*As of 5th January, the functions of the Ombudsman of Zambia that were carried out by the Office of the Investigator General have been inherited by the Office of the Public Protector* .
However, The Commission for Investigations continues to carry out its function as a secretariat for the Public Protector and complaint handling body under the auspices of Chapter 39 of the Laws of Zambia.
This constitutional innovation provides the institution of the Public Protector with the necessary protection required of it to properly carry out the functions of the Ombudsman with integrity and independence, as a Parliamentary Ombudsman Office.
We can thus, clearly see that RPP President James Lukuku was absolutely in order to consider presenting the named trio for investigation before the office of the public protector in accordance with it’s prescribed functions.
Otherwise we shall not rest as RPP on this matter until full nationality information for Tutwa, Ntewewe and Matibini is established with comprehensive DNA proof.
We are taking the matter to Crime One, room 45, at Police Force Headquaters.
*Issued by*
James Kasanda Musendeka Lukuku
*President of the Republican Progressive Party RPP*

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