Public Service Appointments as PS

Dear Editor
The appointments by HE are really puzzling. Ba Mudala ba Kateka, you need technocrats to move this nation forward. How does a ‘Bishop’ head the Energy Ministry? Is he expected to turn water into fuel or pray for price reduction. Come Your Excellency, there are many Zambians who can really add value to the energy sector.
At PSMD, you have a Surgeon to be in charge of the Public Service, it’s true you found her but then you can right the wrong. Look at the mess the harmonization and retirement age they have created. Next you have the Secretary to the Cabinet, is another Medical doctor. The Man is just full of unproven theories on management. In meetings he just talks alone through out without listening to the views of technocrats. Next is the new Ministry, National Planning, as PS you bring another Medical doctor who equally failed at the Ministry of health. He was in charge during the Kapoko scandal. What vision is he bring to national planning?
The other one is the PS at M&E, at Cabinet. A former Nun and well educated lady in gender studies. This is a misplaced human resource. She could do well at the Gender Ministry than the current PS who spends more timing visiting districts distributing cheques to women groups with the Accountant, whose husband was in the Kapoko cartel, and a former DC in RB’s regime.
Your Excellency, let the technocrats manage the Public Service please. Your PSs are busy giving themselves allowances through making fun trips to the districts. Some just sign for the allowances but never travel instead they said Drivers. Please your Excellency I want you back after 2016, but with this team, I am afraid they will bring you down. Look for professionalism and experience for PS. Many of them are saying next year is not guaranteed. These are people do not mean well, they are just to enrich themselves.
Maybe it is time PS are ratified by Parliament.
PF founder member and Concerned Retiree

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