Public service delivery not charity to individuals

Public service delivery not charity to individuals

Pilato???? writes :


So technically we have institutionalized begging now in Zambia. Power has shifted from institutions to individuals.
President Lungu’s government has failed to buy a bus for The Copperbelt University but the man Mr. Lungu happens to have enough personal money to buy the bus for the school for free. Mr. Lungu today has so much money that he can even help the government he works for. Smart guy.

The government does not have a social system to help the poorest people in our communities but the president has enough money than the government he works for his own empowerment program.

Social media today is full of pictures of Zambians who are suffering from different diseases and are appealing for help because there is no hope in the existing institutions. It’s funny because when president Lungu became President, this country had enough money for its programs and president Lungu didn’t. Today, President Lungu has so much money and the government doesn’t. Is this an example of financial Osmosis? The movement of public money from the higher concentration of taxpayers money to the lower concentration of the private pockets of politicians.

So now we have disturbing pictures of our people in hospitals and bedrooms sick on social media appealing to the mercy of the president because he has money that the government doesn’t have. They are sick and desperately looking for help which this government cannot provide.
So you take away the power from institutions and empower yourselves to do what should be done by institutions. It is embarrassing and shameful. People have become more deserving of charity now and have lost confidence in demanding for what rightfully belongs to them.
The president must be reminded that he is not a sugar dady but a Republican President whose responsibility is not to dangle money to the vulnerable people in our community but to find solutions to the problems we are faced with. His job is to build institutions that should serve us

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