Public Service Division(PSMD) Incompetence

Dear Editor

I would like to use this forum to express my disappointment at the way the Public Service Management Division (PSMD) is handling Confirmation cases for Accounting Officers seconded to Ministry of Education by Ministry of Finance.

Accountants that were recruited by Govt since 2006 to date have not yet been confirmed and the sad part is that we cannot access the various conditions of service offered by Govt because we are not yet Confirmed eg study Leave, loans etc.

Every year we are always asked to submit and resubmit our documents for the confirmation process but to date our files have still not been processed, they are just collecting dust in their offices. Last year only not more than 20 accounting

Officers were confirmed and we are more than 100 countries wide who are still working like ‘Casual workers”. The teaching service on the other hand is so efficient and confirms their workers every year. I am appealing to the President, Ministry of Finance and the Director PSMD to look into this issue. It’s long overdue. Working like this is so demoralising because our jobs are not secure since we are not confirmed. I thought Govt is supposed to lead by example

Note: I seek annomity do not publish my name

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