Pule now demands rewards from Lungu

Pule now demands rewards from Lungu

Dan Pule says hopes President Edgar Lungu can reward them for their efforts.

Members of the political Parties outside Parliament that petitioned the Constitutional Court on the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu in 2021 hope that he can reward them after the court victory.

Petioner leader, Rev. Dan Pule said he hopes that President Edgar Lungu could remember their efforts and reward them handsomely and appropriately.

Pule was speaking after the Constitutional Court ruled that a period President Edgar Lungu presided over the country in 2015-2016 could not be deemed as a presidential term according to the new Constitution as it was below the three-year threshold.

The Court also ruled that President Lungu was therefore eligible to stand as a candidate in 2021.

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    Mr Pule I thought you petitioned as a matter of principle and not for the money or position in PF government !! Man of God who locks the church doors because he is not making a profit. Imagine how much the constitution judges were paid for a job well done. Thanks Pule for letting us know that it was all about money and not justice. Cry my beloved zambia. A christian nation without christ.

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    Chilyata 4 days ago

    Pule, one of the most ugly creatures in Zambia. His hygiene is terrible and stinks like dry fish. Imagine how ugly he looks if you strip him of that salaula suit!!

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    Muntu Bulyo 4 days ago

    Pule has made a grave mistake. You do not need to remind a dictator to reward you because by doing so you appear to be telling him what to do. No dictator likes that because it implies that you have more powers that him. Let us be honest in whatever we do so that even if those that in power on earth may not reward us God the all might will in turn reward us.