Puma: markets are major employers in Zambi

By Norman Kapata-

Government says markets in the Country have become very important centres of economic activities and a source of employment for many of its citizenries and it’s for this reason that Government has committed itself to ensure that markets should be of permanent structures constructed from durable materials that will protect both the marketeers and consumers.

Speaking at the first ever organised dinner dance by the Choma District Marketeers Multi-Purpose Society in Choma at Kozo Lodge on Saturday evening Local Government And Housing Deputy Minister Dr Lwipa Puma disclosed that Government has put in place the new Market And Bus Stations Act No.7 Of 2007 which specifies how markets should be established and managed.

He disclosed that the Act also allows a local authority to enter into public private partnerships with the prior approval of the Minister in writing.

Puma disclosed that constructed markets should have all the public facilities such as safe running water to drink and all the sanitation facilities or toilets.

Puma appealed to all residents to support the Market and Bus Station Act because it intends to safe guard the interests of the majority of the marketeers.

He also stated that Government would ensure that the Councils in the Country have the capacity to provide these services to all its residents on a sustainable basis.

And speaking earlier Choma District Marketeers Multi-Purpose Society Chairperson Charles Syazilo disclosed that marketeers in the district have been offered a piece of land by Zambia Railways where they are trading at K350 Million for them to erect a modern market.

Syazilo disclosed that members of the society has so far raised K100 Million in cash and were remaining with a balance of K250 Million to go toward the purchase of the piece of land in question.

The chairperson disclosed that marketeers in the district were eager to have a decent trading place in choma that will be conducive to trade in even during the rainy season.

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