Pupils in govt schools to be fed on Samp and soya daily

Pupils in govt schools to be fed on Samp and soya daily

Starting in term two, this is what pupils will be eating at Kapiri Girls technical Secondary school, a Government school. Remember government educed fees to K1200 but this has resulted in learners eating samp with salt for breakfast everyday. For lunch, girls will be fed on nshima and beans, soya chunks everyday.

We wonder what prisoners are eating!

See menu for term 2 below 👇

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    In case people do not know why Education PS Jobbicks Kalumba decided on reducing fess in schools and colleges, the fact of the matter is that a good amount of that money was being given by the schools and colleges to the DEBS that they were able to use for workshops. It was not really benefiting pupils and students.

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    Wandi 2 weeks ago

    What is news about this? We used to eat beans lunch supper everyday for three months. ZWD also. How many homes eat like thìs – à chicken a week? Lets talk about how many 6 points this school can produce. Those who do not like their children to suffer keep them with you
    Why send them to such a boarding schools?

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    tione 2 weeks ago

    This is rubbish. If you look at the fees they were charging before you will notice that boarding fee was a very small amount compared to other irrelevances. Let them come clean not this nonsense.