Pure slavery at Insco Chicken

Dear Hard working watchdog, pliz hide my identity.

I am working for Insco Chicken Inn and I with my work mates are experiencing slavery in our own nation as we strive to make a living. Our company had enough workforce and a company was contracted to offer cleaning services while prepared food for customers. But today its. Different! The cleaning company was suspended, workmates fired and for the past six months we are working two people per shift. We are required to serve customers, prepare pieces and chips, clean the kitchen and shop at the same time and whoever complains warning letters of work termination are issued, as if that’s not enough accusations of a K15,000 shortage has just hit us about a commodity which was never present in our shop for the past 4months. Intensive stock takes goes most frequently but we never had any shortages, the most shocking part is that this invented accusation is forcing us to surrender our leave days and half our salary K500 every month. How are we going to survive honestly. For the fear of losing our jobs most have kept quiet and anyone who complains is threatened to lose employment. We only rest one day a week and we never enjoy any public holiday. How can someone just steal our leave days that we have worked for for about 3 to 4 years. Things now r expensive even rentals. Pliz the ministry of labour and human rights must come in to our rescue. Our workers unioon does not perform and of late most of us don’t even receive our pay slip so that we can monitor our earnings.

Pliz help… Thank u.

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