Purported attack on PF cadres in Bwengwa was PF operation

The so-called attack on PF members in Monze rural was a well orchestrated move by President Edgar Lungu using state security services aimed at embarrassing UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, State House sources and security personnel close the operation have revealed.

And in the process the police have now been tasked to hunt down some of Mr. Hichilema’s relatives and farm workers, arrests them and charge them with the unbailable offence of aggravated robbery and malicious damage to property.

So far even with the highly publicised attack in the PF media, not a single vehicle or property has so far been shown on ZNBC or indeed any injured person has been hospitalised at any hospital in Zambia.

Sources close to the operation revealed that PF Secretary General Mumbi Phiri and Frank Bwalya were part of the planning meeting for the stage-managed attack.

“There were more than 15 buses from Lusaka and Copperbelt carrying PF cadres that went for those meetings to stage manage the whole event. As you maybe aware, there is normally heavy security when the Head of State travels that includes state agents that arrive in the area way before he arrives to scan the place. And the Presidential convoy and entourage is normally too large and involves police offices stationed throughout the route. So at what point could the poor villagers have attacked, overpowered and held hostage state anybody for more than 3 hours without any quick response,” sources revealed to the Watchdog.

Sources said the trip to even target HH’s home village was all part of the scheme.

“If there would have been any attack on Lungu, it could have been during his last visit in highly populated areas such as Mazabuka, Monze, Choma, and Kaloma towns. Last time he went there he hoped he would be attacked but people welcomed him freely and of course, there were a few boos here and there. But how could it be possible for the villagers to stage such an attack on the presidential entourage with all that security that accompanies the president,” sources questioned.

Insiders say even all the statements from the Police command had already been prepared plus others from the PF structures across the country.

The watchdog will soon reveal how Lungu now wants to use this fake incident to defranchise majority of voters in the perceived UPND strongholds, especially Southern Province where he fears the numbers are too much for him.

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