Quality of PF ministers


Listen to minister of Lusaka province Bowman. Lusambo speak ignorantly .

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    xxxx 4 days ago

    substandard brains there. The interviewer was nicely cool

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    Lusambo no brains 6 days ago

    WHY DO WE HAVE SUCH DANDERHEADS IN AUTHORITY. STARTING FROM THE CLUELESS PRESIDENT ALL THE WAY DOWN TO CADRES DANDERHEADS ALL OVER. This Lisa Monaco guy can’t even construct one sentence in English. Ask the so called minister to spell enshrined or constituency and see what crap he will come up with. Arrogant fools who will do everything and anything to cling to power. THIS GUY MUST GO BACK TO CHINGWELE CEMETERY WHERE HE WAS BASED DIGGING UP GRAVES

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    The quality of an appointee tells a lot about the appointing authority!!!

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    BackToSchool 1 week ago

    ‘Inshlined’ in the constitution😩

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    I saw a doppelganger of the Hon. but him was a diehard MMD and wore a blue overall. Could they be related?

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    kujai 1 week ago

    Bowman is a reflection of his boss ECL.

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    FuManchu 1 week ago

    I am disgusted and wondering why intelligence escapes from a lot among us when choosing our leaders using the vote! The interviewer was kind and polite! This Lusambo would not withstand the onslaught by the likes of Charles Mando!!!!

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    Disgusted 1 week ago

    😂😭🤣 😢 😞 

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    Gerald 1 week ago

    What an empty tin this ignoramus is!