Questions for new presidential political advisor

Questions for new presidential political advisor


????????If he still believes in stuff he wrote against president Lungu and intends to advise him according, why did he delete those those things ?

While i laud President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for finally taking action though tard against his immediate past advisor Kaizer Zulu who has not been short of scandals and appointing a political rookie in Chris Zumani Zimba, i take a swipe at the new appointee even with his brilliant resume and political untaintedness.

A check on Chris Zimba’s Facebook page which he immediately shut down after his appointment reveals a man of standing who clearly opposed the president and his government, citing among the many things violence and high levels of corruption in it but who has apparently accepted an appointment from the same violent and corrupt regime he was antagonizing just a few weeks ago.

Chris Zimba’s great resume and his ability to handle his new role of presidential advisor aside, i have questions for him. What has changed positively about the current government and its leadership that he would join it without shame after openly disparaging it? Is it PF that has changed or he has changed? Should we trust his moral standing and judge him for his lack of principles and consistency seeing how quick he has flipflopped to join the very people he recently called corrupt and violent? Could it be that the Patriotic Front is not as bad as many portray it to be when they are far from the corridors of power only to laud it when they are appointed as was the case with Antonio Mwanza, Geofrey Bwalya Mwamba and now Chris Zimba?

Like many other people we see, watch and read about who oppose anything Patriotic Front who should not be trusted, Chris Zimba should not be trusted as he was playing a game to be noticed and has achieved his goal. He was opposing the government of the day merely to oppose it and can now sit comfortably while those that followed him thinking he was a principled man remain disappointed.

A lesson for Zambian political followers, never support or follow anyone simply because he/she opposes what you oppose as many have self beneficial motives for doing so and will disappoint you when they switch sides as is the case now.

As it is now Chris Zumani Zimba 10 – 0 Followers.

Mbanga, Irvine Ilukui.
Fayetteville, Arkansas.
United States of America.

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