Questions for PF Mayoral candidate

Questions for PF Mayoral candidate

Now that all seems to be set for the Mayoral bye elections in Lusaka, it will be very interesting for the PF candidate to explain to Lusaka residents the following,

1. What happened to the City market fire? Who torched the market?

2. Where is the close to K20 million that was raised from Well wishers for the reconstruction of market under the auspicies of Office of the Vice President?.

3. Who bought the Olympic Swimming pool which was a community pool under the City Council?

4. How much was it sold at?

5. When and where was the advert?

6. What has happened to the Munali Secondary School land opposite the Chainama hotel along Great East road?

7. Which Cabinet Ministers have land there?
8. What happened to Looters Playing field in Libala?

9. Who is constructing shops on Kids play ground in Kabwata just near Kabwata Police? When was that Kids play park degazzeted?

10. Who has bought the Kalingalinga Police Post and where will the new one as promised by Minister Vincent Mwale be built?

11. Who killed Ruth Mbandu?

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