Queues in Zanaco’s Xapit centres

Hello…..I thank you for the work that you are doing……please am a student from Chianama College of health sciences and I don’t want my particulars to be disclosed please
My concern is on the …Zanaco the way they are operating more especially what’s happening at the xpit centre at Cairo road. You find a very big queue for those who want to replace and registering of A.T.M cards
I applied for an ATM card replacement after the one I had got lost. It has taken almost a month and it’s because every time I go there I find a very long queue which makes me to fail to enter inside, at 14 hours they close.
I have been seeing people coming as early as 08 but fail to enter; you find that by the time they reach they find more than 100 on the queue. So what am just appealing or advising is for them(Zanaco) to allow even other branches to be giving new and replacing of cards because it’s the only bank which has a lot of customers

I will appreciate you ba ZWD if you can publicise it

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