Quotes from Edgar Lungu’s wife

By a Watchdog reader

1- * Zambia is a great CONTINENT.Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 19.35.56
2- * My husband and me IS good people.
3-* Looks like all teachers don’t use choko in these Chinese schools.
4- * My fellow widows.
5- * I travelled to abroad to rest in peace.
6- * My husband is the best couple on earth.
7- * The doctors are responding to treatment.
8- * For those who said I speech bad English, I left them for
9- * Sata is dead, but his Manhood still lives on
13- * on behave of K200,000 I donate my family.
14- *To all those who think Edgar lungu has failed, I
have a question for you. When a child fails an exam, isn’t the
child supposed to be repeated?

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