Racism and Incompetence: passport office refuses to renew white Zambian’s passport

Good day,

My name is Glenn Stuart Snelgar,NRC  104975/78/1. Passport Zambian ZF07105,expired 3rd June 2004.

In 2004 I applied for a renewal at the Ndola Office,where it was issued.A certain Mr.Nkhoma refused to release it.His reason being, that he was suspicious and would need to do an investigation. I beleive it was my late application of my NRC card,which I had received the previous year. After weekly visits to Mr. Nkhoma for almost 2 years,he was still investigating.He was extremely arrogant and totaly disrespectful about my continuous quearies.

Eventually I managed to obtain a temporary travel document from the Ndola office(2009). Late October 2009 my sister passed away in Johannesburg.I had to use the travel document to fly down.To date I have had 3 travel documents(2 issued in Pretoria). In January 2010 I reapplied for another passport through the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria.As of today 01/02/2012,have not yet received my(would now be my 6th Zambian passport) passport.

It has been issued in Lusaka by a Mr.Nyirongo,but is been held back by a Mrs.Banda. I find this treatment totaly discrimitory towards myself.The delaying tactics,the Time wasting excuses,wanting copies of documents(which they have on file),treating me like I am a liar and criminal.

This continuous unacceptable behaviour and total lack of interest in helping a fellow Zambian (stranded in Johannesburg,without a passport) is it because I am a Caucasian(white) or incompetance on there behalf?

Can someone please take this issue up as I am now so desparate and at my wits end as who to turn to.Almost 8 years waiting for my renewal and nothing has happened. Yours Sincerely, Glenn Stuart Snelgar(Zambian Citizen)

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