Racism at Educore Services

The Editor
Ref: Racism and victimisation of Zambians at Educore Services

We are employees of the above company based in Solwezi. Kindly publish the following details for the nation and the powers that be to see and to act. The General Manager a Mr. Thomas Gass is a racist who is presiding over a racially biased pay structure. Whites who are under qualified or not even qualified are highly paid not according to the qualifications but according to their skin colour. In the meantime highly qualified Zambians are either dismissed over fictitious charges or are not even employed. He then lies to the state that they cannot find qualified people locally. The judiciary gave a ruling that a Mr. Mithun Matthew Thomas is working illegally in the country as a Financial controller who reports to the GM (a Thomas ). He is not registered with ZICA and his work permit which was fraudulently acquired shows that he is a systems controller. He was ordered to leave the country and some people were bribed within the department of immigration even in Lusaka. The man is a clear case of netopism in the company and money is being syphoned out of the country and can ZRA do something about this haemorrhage. We have written to the CEO and others but they are now after our colleagues on a witch hunt for their own evil acts. He has even employed his wife without any traceable qualifications to be paid for doing nothing with the salary being paid into her Germany account. They are working together with the HR manager while thousands of Zambians are unemployed why are we affording to employ unqualified foreigners who call themselves expatriates.
The money that comes from First quantum minerals limited (FQML) towards the organization develops legs before ZRA gets what is due to the nation. What happens to the high school fees being paid by the parents is anybody’s guess. Money is now being withdrawn from the company account to pay bribes to immigration, when employees are told there is no money. The same fake financial controller is now moving with the company cheque book just in case he meets with those who may need a bribe. In the meantime about ZMW150,000 has been withdrawn to pay towards bribes.
Some auditors who came to investigate the finances are close with the same Mithun. As we speak they are now working towards firing all qualified and competent locals who may be a threat to their schemes. We need people to know that this Thomas Gass has a history failures in the schools he has worked in Zambia with the most recent one being LICS (Lusaka International community school) where he was fired by the board. The same board can also reveal that one of the reasons for his dismissal was racism and crookedness. He was also in Mazabuka where he was shown the door for the same. He has been to the following Chikankata high school, and one wonders how he has managed to be a manager in schools when he has no educational background?
The IT auditors who are related to these two are set to be employed in the company to help in the externalization of funds generated locally. The sentinel school which is attended by locals is just a smokescreen where parents are told that their children are following an international curriculum when the same people see to it that Zambian children do not get quality education. Last year Mithun and Thomas cancelled a school trip to Namibia for the children as they felt that this would upset their fellow racists in the Trident group. Thomas even boasts that Zambians are stupid and cannot do anything and take anything that comes their way. Are we really that cheap?
More to follow with all the names of the other people and corrupt government officers involved we are even taking pictures of them. We will also attach a payslip which shows how much Mithun is being paid for a job he is not qualified for. As concerned Zambians we’ll not partake of this injustice with elections around the corner. We appeal to politicians to please use this advantage for their campaign to liberate the Zambians.

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