Racism at Educore turns into intimidation

A follow up to a letter written by our colleagues about racism at Educore services Zambia Limited.
Thank you very much for exposing the racist individuals at our company. I do not know who you are but what you said was true. Yesterday at Trident college our headmaster Mr. Hugh Fynn was trying to coerce us to sign a letter written to the Immigration department in support of the racist Thomas Gass. Some people were forced to do it and because they are afraid of being victimised some signed the letter. We are now scared that we will be victimised because we refused to sign. While some of the people who signed as Zambians are not even from here. Why should they want to subvert the course of justice? The fear among us is that we may be victimised the same way they did with Jabesi, Fred Mwanza, Mwangelwa and others who were all dismissed on false information. Meanwhile the company lawyer Mr Charles Siamutwa who is owing ZRA more than K270,000 in unpaid taxes has been evading paying what is due to the government and his proceeds from Educore should be investigated as he is also a puppet director. There are also some cases of substance and drug abuse at Trident college hostels which are always swept under the carpet as they say we are a community outside Zambia and the Zambian police has no business here.
Let the nation know that what was reported is true. Kabitaka school does not have all the subjects they advertised because it’s a fake all they want is your money. All resources are here in Trident and if there is no racism can they explain why African children should be given the left overs from their children here in Trident? You were right we are not that cheap let’s unite and expose every step they make until they change or go back where they came from.

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