Racism at Fruehauf Lusaka

I wish to bring to your attention the abuse happening at Henred Fruehauf Lusaka, Makeni depot. There is an abusive and racist manager by the name of christo van rensburg (south African). This man is very abusive and treats his black workers like trash, vulgarity is the order of the day, he treats the 3 white workers like saints then the Blacks he treats with disdain. For your own information he is on a fake work permit, which used to belong to the previous manager( who he snitched on and took over his job). There is also a trailer manager who works in Zambia illegally, he has no work permit but he is sitting in an air conditioned office while the Zambian suffers abuse at his hand. This is the same company state house PS(former) Chilubanama, used to buy trailers like he was water, a trailer costs 220,000, the former PS would purchase 10 trailers(where was he getting the money?) Please assist the workers by exposing this evil manager..img_0986

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