Racism at Kansanshi, Kalumbila mine real

Racism at Kansanshi, Kalumbila mine real

Dear editor
We would like to conquer on the issue of Titan Drilling in Kansanshi Mine and Kalumbila Mine and its ill treatment towards the local workers. All that was brought up in the article for a day ago is true and that was just a bit of what happens. These people think they are untouchable just because they have corrupted these government offices,

We are threatened daily about getting fired even over small issues, The few black supervisors as compared to the many white supervisors are not given the same benefits even food wise. Yes we have hourly rates but locals are given low rates so that they keep on working long hours even so what we get at the end of it is little compared to what we put in, and compared to what expatriates get. We make so much for the company and yet they do not care about how they are making us over work. This is the only company that would bring in a foreigner and make locals teach him the job then he becomes their supervisor after days and he even starts getting better than the people that taught him the job now Minister of Labour where are you? We spend most of our time in the pit under dangerous conditions and yet we get mistreated, when one local employee injures himself the site manager punishes everyone by not giving us our full salaries to teach us a lesson.

Now tell us Labour minister isn’t this slavery? Madam where are you? Workshop managers do not hold any technical or craft qualifications and we do not know how they got here. We do not have any problem with working with foreigners but the problem is how these foreign boers want to treat us on our own soil when they are just smuggled inside the country because they do not have what is needed to get in the right way

. Do you need xenophobia for you to hear us out or what? We Zambians are peaceful and welcoming people but that must not be taken for granted.

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