Racism continues running Mopani Copper mine

Racism continues running Mopani Copper mine


Information has emerged that Mopani Copper Mines has been taken over by an indiscriminate tandem of racist foreign nationals forcing some senior managers to leave.

From the time Danny Carlow officially resigned from Glencore, an unexplainable number of resignations have rocked Mopani.

There has also been motivated attacks on Zambian Management.

PF officials Alexander Chiteme, Binwell Mpundu, Nathan Chanda and Christorpher Kangombe who are benefiting from the contracts at Mopani Mine have been paid with supply contracts to keep quiet and have so far failed to expose the rot.

Mopani Chairman Moses Chilangwa has also failed to protect the Zambian managers that are being fired.

Mopani Management have also thrown to the wind Corporate Governance as the Bazungu at the Glencore Office in Johannesburg have disregarded the basic requirements of the tenets.

Ever since the Führer, Fabian Matheis who is the Chancellor of the South African Glencore Reich working out of the Glencore Head Office in Rosebank, Johannesburg took over Mopani has taken a dramatic u-turn and is headed for a Konkola Copper Mine.

Resignations that have occurred include, Chief Executive Officer Chris Vermeulen, Chief Financial Officer Mr. John Chiwele and at least 15 other senior management officials.

This excludes the list of those that have been constructively dismissed.

Former CEO Chris Vermeulen was fired because he was considered too sympathetic to the indigenous black employees and suppliers.

Former CFO John Chiwele has been hounded out because he has been very instrumental in employing Zambians to critical positions within the mine as well as replacing foreign suppliers with local ones.

In their place Fabian Matheis has since appointed a puppet called Nathan Bullock, as Chief Executive Officer and a tourist for a Chief Financial Officer called Neal Reynolds.

Nathan is considered a Puppet because he cannot make a decision to save his life or the life of the mine for that matter.

Neal is considered a Tourist because he flies into Zambia for work on Tuesday and flies back to South Africa every Friday evening.

In the six months since Fabian Matheis took over as CEO, he has failed to manage the Smelter Shutdown in Mufulira.

That smelter is the heart of Mopani operations. So far he has spent over $60 million dollars or more on refurbishing the smelter.

However, information has emerged that every major contracts on this project were single sourced from Fabian Matheis’s cronies in South Africa and Australia.

Management recently spent $900,000 to pay an Australian company for “cultural exchange” which really has got nothing to do with copper.

Ivan Glasenberg the Glenore CEO employs unscrupulous people like Fabian Matheis to manage his operations in Zambia and the DRC.

This fire or force any progressive Zambian that can challenge their authority to resign.

They rob Glencore clean and blame the Zambians as corrupt, dull and incompetent.

It is feared that after these pundits are done robbing Glencore, the mine goes into care and maintenance as Government starts to desperately look for an investor and every Zambian on the Copperbelt is left with yet another defunct mine.

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