Racism,apartheid & corruption is back at kalumbila sentinel mine

Racism,apartheid & corruption is back at kalumbila sentinel mine


The Zambian government under the leadership of Edgar Chagwa ,betrayed the Zambian people.

This government has hiked tax to employees whilest companies are exempted from paying taxes.

Kalumbila minerals is one of the biggest mines were people are under paid whilest Fqm has built houses which are very expensive renting them to its workers.

They are selling plots at an expensive price,Zesco Tariifs are 133%higher than normal and when the gorvement is told and it keeps quite coz they are beneficial getting brown envelops .

The workers salaries are bad.There is a huge number of expatriates who have worked for more than 6years,without development skills into Zambian .

My question is why do we have Universities?when our qualified zambians are sidelined mostly by the boer from mobile maintenance department,Grant cook,Riaan feira ,Rob kiddy,stephnus and johan they have over stayed in zambia,are they permanently employed by government or by Edgar lungu?because work permits law does not allow such period of stay,these same boers were head saying only whites must be big boss over Zambians.

Whenever you talk to these whites they will say,your government is weak and corrupt .This First Quantum Minerals kalumbila sentinel mine doesn’t mean well for the development of this country and North western province,They have failed to make a road from kisasa were majority of the workers come from,they have not even built a hospital for social welfare of this musele chief area wihile these boer get huge salaries on expense of vulnerable Zambias hence developing there countries whilest locals are paid peanut’s. when will we develop our country?

They do all these things because there is no Media to air their errors. Expatriates jobs are more secure than locals, Simple mistakes that locals make are issues while there errors for whites are covered because racism,e.g Brendon and ENO destroyed EX 92 by swapping hydraulic horses on Ex92, the machine caught fire and stayed for a long time but this issue was solved without any case hearing.

Grant had criminal case where he store diesel for personal used at kansashi but he was re-employed in kalumbila while same case Zambian are black listed, COLONIAL RULE IS BACK under the leadership of government koswe mumpoto in kalumbila mine mobile maintenance department. They have fired the HR manager who wanted to change the working condition’s of workers here ,They want even to bring the corrupt HR soyapi mapulanga who has been working in corruption conjunction in faking Work permits for expatriates with the deputy inspector general of police Mr sibote.

MANY EXPATRIATES DO NOT DESERVE TO BE IN ZAMBIA BUT DUE TO CORRUPTION AND FORGERY THAT HAS HIT THIS COUNTRY .This mine means well for expatriates and not locals,Racism is high and the government knows everything,Houses are expensive and the government knows.

But due to corruption there is no one to help the poor people and the miners at kalumbila sentinel mine ,how long must expatriates take our jobs?stephnius from mobile maintenance has brought racism together with Riaan robky grant cook and Johan,these complaints have reached the ears of the President and the high government offices but there is no Action.

WHY ARE WE keeping WHITES WITHOUT QUALIFICATION? who are coming here just to use us and make there countries rich.The president will next week visit kalumbila for brown envelopes to enrich himself without bothering the cry of the people of Zambia and the miners at kalumbila sentinel mine.

I lay may case.

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