Racist Chinese restaurant owner apologises

Racist Chinese restaurant owner apologise


By Kalani Muchima

Chinese restaurant and shop operating in Lusaka’s longacres turns away a Zambian on account that he is black and a foreigner. Yes a foreigner in his own country

Zambians wake up your country is being taken away. The Chinese have regrouped and you are still sleeping.


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    Bembas are the best :-) 1 week ago

    As an European, moving to Zambia with my Zambian wife, adapting fully to Zambia as a country that has “Adopted me”, creating a life together with my Zambian family, I have to agree!
    They behave the same way in all countries. Even in Europe!
    In the region were I live (Kafue), I openly declare everywhere, that I never ever would do any business with any of them!
    I came to Zambia, and always only promote Zambian businesses, run by Zambians!
    You want to live in Zambia? Then behave like one!

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    Don Mwale 2 weeks ago

    PF government has auctioned Zambia as a colony of China that is why Chinese can afford to subjugate Zambians

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    Disgusted 2 weeks ago

    You can see the arrogance in his demeanor. He’s insincere and doesn’t mean a word he’s saying. 

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    jordanchulu 2 weeks ago

    Deport this idiot.

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    Rose Mwila 2 weeks ago

    Deport him, without fail.No complomise

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    OneZambia73Tribes 2 weeks ago

    We need to ask ourselves what gives these Chinese the audacity to behave this way(?). Only when we change government will we find out the truth. What’s happening in Zambia is unheard of.

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    let him go back to his country period