Radio Mano board ‘sold’ to Kelvin Sampa

Dear Editor,

Call me Mr. X.

Radio Mano Board meeting held today, 31st May 2014 at Radio Mano had Kelvin Sampa’s name on the agenda among other items. Following the deliberations of the Board meeting, the board chairman, Mr. Benard Chibeka informed and persuaded the other members of the board to support Kelvin Sampa’s political ambitions for Kasama Central Constituency.

This is a very sad development because the board has been outrightly bought for pieces of silver. Money has exchanged hands and the donation of the vehicle by Sampa signaled how the board is ready to tarnish the radio station’s image and reputation.

As a board member, I will ensure this does not happen. If it means writing to the registrar, that I will do because we are departing from the objects of the community radio station.

We challenge Radio Mano Management to deny the fact that Kelvin Sampa’s name was on the agenda. Further, we challenge the board secretary to make available the minutes for public scrutiny since Radio Mano is a community radio station which  exists as a non-political entity.

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