Radio Phoenix founder Erol Hickey dies

Radio Phoenix founder Erol Hickey dies


Proprietor and pioneer of Zambia’s first commercial private radio station, Errol Hickey has died.

Hickey has been battling cancer the last few years.

Hickey was among Zambia’s first photo journalists, who later became film, television radio, advert producer and later entrepreneur.

Most of the iconic early images of an independent Zambia and first president Kenneth Kaunda are attributed to Hickey.

He was among the first indiciduals to open a private station in 1996 and pioneered brave private radio station programming with the station flagship program: ” Let the People Talk” becoming one of the most popular political and phone-in programs on air for many years.

Over the years, the programs saw many veteran journalists host the popular programs such Frank Mutubila, Anthony Mukwita, Kenneth Maduma, Sam Sakala and John Chola anchor the program.
Radio Phoenix also spawned workers or those associated with the station become radio station owners, such as Moses Nyama, Ken Tonga and others.

Radio Phoenix lived to the meaning of it’s name, when it suffered fires that gutted the station twice at its bases at Zambia National Building Society and ZIMCO house. And like the mythical bird, the phoenix, the station rose and shone again.

Hickey also owned a lodge and an events and management company.

A few years ago, Hickey lost his wife, Ursula to cancer. It was later learnt that he has been battling cancer that had afflicted him the last few years.

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