Railway system of Zambia is a total failure-govt

Special Assistant to the President for Policy Implementation, Ben Kapita, says the Railway Systems of Zambia has totally failed to deliver and effectively contribute to the development of the transport sector in the country.

And Mr Kapita has said government is concerned with the pace at which the Road Development Agency (RDA)  was excuting the development of the road sector in the country.

Mr Kapita said since taking over the operations of the company Railway Systems of Zambia has not been investing in the construction of new infrastructure and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure in the country.

Mr Kapita said government has also failed to terminate the contract it has with the firm because the exit close which was signed would cost government a fortune.

He said government has been finding difficulties to get rid of the Railway Systems authority because the exit close has proved to be too costly for the government.

And Mr Kapita said government was not happy with the way the RDA was working in the country.

He alleged that the organization was awarding contracts to companies and individuals that were abandoning their works or doing shoddy works.

Mr Kapita further said most of the roads that were funded and rehabilitated by contractors recruited by the RDA were in a deplorable state despite spending huge sums of money on them.

And Kitwe District Commissioner, Macdonald Mtine, said most of the roads in the district were in a deplorable state.

Mr Mtine said despite the RDA indicating that they were going to work on a number of roads in the district, the situation was still pathetic.

He appealed to the organization to find a lasting solution to the problems affecting the roadnetwork in the district.

Mr Kapita is on t


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